Our people thrive on challenging work We work best when the issues are difficult Our people are our competitive advantage Our people are leading thinkers


Nasser Aldosari Auditing and Consulting has a client centered focus throughout. Our approach is tailored to the circumstances obtaining in the client's industry. We construct our team to reflect your organization structure. Corporate and strategic roles are separate from operational assignments. Your corporate liaison - the client service partner - is empowered to control all aspects of our services. We make all aspects of our service delivery transparent to the client. Our performance is pre-scheduled, agreed with you for deliverables, timetable and maximum cost effectiveness. Our aim is to beat your expectations from any assignment. The approach we adopt ensures that we bring our views to you about business operations as well as financial and legal compliance.

Nasser Aldosari Auditing and Consulting is an organization of substance with a full services capability available in State of Qatar. Your views on the quality of services delivered by Nasser Aldosari Auditing and Consulting are sought by the managing partner of the firm. We will take action promptly if you feel it is needed. We are experienced in serving complex organizations we are happy to provide site references to support this claim. We know that clear communication is essential to our service provision. The client service role is judged by the effectiveness of our communication with clients and with our team.

Attitude Changes Everything

Today’s fast-moving commercial environment places constant pressure on many companies. Developing the skills and capabilities needed to gain a competitive edge and grow market share in this challenging environment is essential for their success. To achieve this, both company management and their advisors must adopt a more entrepreneurial and pro-active approach to doing business.

The goal of the Nasser Aldosari Auditing and Consulting has always been to offer advice and services that bring measurable added value to our clients.

We pride ourselves on the ability to develop innovative business solutions as part of a long term, stable business relationship, one that is built on mutual trust, respect and a shared belief, that a positive attitude makes everything possible. It is in this privileged position as a true partner, instrumental in the success of our clients, that the strengths of the Nasser Aldosari Auditing and Consulting become most apparent.